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How the 2023 Colormix Forecast Can Inspire Connection in Your Interior Space

Over the past few years, our world has been defined by separation and distance as we’ve battled a global health crisis; now, it’s time to come together and reconnect with our loved ones. 2023 is going to be all about finding energy in the connections we make, and there’s no better example of this than the 2023 Colormix Forecast from Sherwin-Williams.

The world-famous company’s new collection, TERRA, is comprised of color palettes inspired by the interweaving of people, their spaces, and the natural environment. These 40 colors can be used to create a new way of life — one that is filled with balance, rejuvenation, creativity, and joy. Today, we’re going to explore how the four curated color palettes (Biome, Lore, Nexus, and Origin) will impact interior design trends for residential spaces in 2023.

Balance, Passion, Serenity, & Vibrancy: The Moods of 2023

The Colormix Forecast of 2023 features 40 different colors organized into four palettes. These palettes range from peaceful neutrals to vividly shocking reds. No matter the journey you wish to take in the upcoming year, there’s a variety of hues that can support the internal and external transformations you want to achieve.

Start your year off right by incorporating colors from the following palettes into your interior design:


fusion wow quartzite

The Biome palette is inspired by the ever-changing ecosystem and features colors drawing on the delicateness of a mushroom, the richness of the earth, and the deep grayness of a cloud-covered sky. You can infuse your home with the peace of the Biome palette with Fusion Wow quartzite, which features swirls and flares of color that add warmth and depth to any space. This stone slab can be transformed into an accent wall, kitchen countertop, or bathroom tiles.


fusion fire quartzite

While Biome seeks to invite peace and tranquility, Lore’s color palette is all about passion. It draws on the best of the past with its ancient reds, timely pastels, and romantic jewel tones. This color palette is perfect for awakening the inner creative in all of us. Create a space that speaks to your inner passions by incorporating Fusion Fire quartzite stones into your interior design. Whether as an accent wall or countertop, this natural stone, full of deep reds and striking veining, will take your breath away.


durango cream travertine

The Nexus palette is designed to exude peace and restoration. Its grounding browns and soulful whites ensure people are surrounded by healing energy. Imagine this energy in your kitchen or bathroom with countertops, accent walls, or backsplashes made of Durango Cream travertine stone.


Blue Bahia granite

This color palette draws on the idea that true growth occurs when you hold tight to fond memories but strive toward future hopes. Its colors are vibrant and bold, calling on the free spirit in each of us. Start every day off boldly with Blue Bahia granite countertops or accent walls in your own home.

Bringing the Outside Inside: Inspiration for New Residences

Self-care and personal wellbeing are at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds, especially as we approach a new year. They’re looking to create spaces where they can recharge and reconnect with family and friends. Floor plans must be flexible for multipurpose uses, and designs should allow for personal expression.

When creating a residential space, soft colors and tactile surfaces will be paramount. These warm hues and finishes are welcoming and establish the perfect canvas for painting the stories about to unfold. Natural elements are especially key to the design trends of 2023. Things like wood accents, natural stone countertops, furnishings with earth tones, and expansive windows connect homes to their humble beginnings while creating luxurious layouts. For a touch of personality, homeowners can sprinkle their rooms with statement colors.

Relaxation & Focus: Design Ideas for Multi-Family Residences

Design trends for multi-family properties swirl timeless and modern pieces with hyperlocal features to create multifunctional spaces that help residents feel at home instantly. Key design elements include rooftop oases, pet-friendly areas, and green spaces or walking paths to push forward mental wellness, relaxation, and connectivity.

Warm colors, such as Pure White, Kestrel White, Homestead Brown, and Chatura Gray, are also a must here, as residents are looking for places where they can unwind at the end of the day or focus on the task at hand during a busy work-from-home day. Subtle pops of color, such as Toile Red, Evergreen Fog, and Silvermist, can enhance the energy in a space and allow residents to express their personalities. Features such as durable stone countertops, tiles, and backsplashes can elevate a space into an oasis while serving the needs of one family after another.

Embrace Your Connections to Others & the Earth With Colonial Marble & Granite

With 2023 being the year for reestablishing connections, you’ll want to consider incorporating stone countertops into your interior design. Our natural stone pieces mix the past with the present and help establish inviting spaces perfect for entertaining. Our designers can help you choose stones with the perfect patterns, textures, and shades to elevate your home’s interior and push forward your design ideas inspired by the Colormix Forecast of 2023. For more information about how our kitchen design experts can bring balance, rejuvenation, creativity, and joy into your home, contact us today.

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