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What Kind of Countertop Is Right for You? Take This Quiz!

When it comes to redesigning your bathroom or kitchen, there’s a virtually limitless number of options at your disposal. From cabinetry and flooring to wall color and appliances, so many variables are in play — which means your space has the potential to exude any aesthetic that you love. The focal point of your kitchen or bathroom is undoubtedly the countertop, which doesn’t only showcase visual appeal and unique charm but is tasked with delivering on function and practicality as it relates to its surroundings. 

Given the myriad countertop choices out there — with sizable collections sorted under marble, granite, quartzite, and quartz — it’s no wonder that property owners need some guidance in choosing which material is right for them. Fortunately, the team of design consultants at Colonial Marble & Granite has extensive experience helping customers just like you determine which material is right for them — and why.

Take Our Countertop Quiz!

While we are always excited to speak with showroom visitors, interior designers, and others simply reaching out to discover everything we have to offer, we understand the value of assessing options for yourself from the comfort of your own home (just turn to our kitchen visualizer or bathroom visualizer!). As such, we’ve put together a countertop quiz to help you decide which material will accommodate your lifestyle and amplify your space for years to come.

Consider All Important Factors When Choosing a Countertop

Our assortment of countertop material — even in slab form — is, in a word, breathtaking. It’s easy to feel allured by the selection of gorgeous products we have in stock as if you’re waltzing through nature’s art gallery. However, while color profile, patina, veining, and the veritable “wow” factor are all major factors in deciding which material to outfit your space with, there’s more than meets the eye. Different materials have varying properties that may or may not be best suited for your project, whether that involves new construction, a full-on remodel, outdoor kitchen addition, or other endeavor. Surrounding aesthetic and hardware, your vision for how often — and in what fashion — your countertop will be used, tolerance for maintenance upkeep, and more all contribute to the countertop material that’s right for you.

Whether you know exactly what material countertop you want, would like to get in touch with an expert, or even see products for yourself in person, Colonial Marble & Granite is your premier resource! Our countertop fabrication and installation experts are standing by to realize your dream kitchen or bathroom. For more information, contact us today!

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