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Where Seeing Is Believing: Why You Need to Visit a Colonial Marble & Granite Showroom

Natural stones are links to the past — and gateways to the future — that marry the ancient with the contemporary. This caliber of worldly enamor is a byproduct of the journey all of our products take; a storied saga that brings with it incredible value, unforgettable character, and undeniable uniqueness. Now, it’s time for you to be part of its next chapter — and our showroom is ready to help you turn the page.

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you’ve most likely done your fair share of online research. Perhaps you’ve even turned to friends and family who you know have recently renovated and may be able to impart some wisdom. While these steps will guide you in the right direction in meeting your goals, our team knows that there’s a critical element to the entire process that not only streamlines the entire process — but ultimately elevates your project in every regard. This step? Visiting Colonial Marble & Granite’s showrooms in the following locations:

Face Time With On-Site Designers

Whether you’re looking for countertop installation or a full renovation of an indoor space, any remodeling is a complex process. Fortunately, our team of experienced on-site designers can offer invaluable insight. Not only do they have their finger on the pulse of what’s trending; they bring a wealth of knowledge with them. 

By spending considerable time assessing what’s in stock and new products that continue rolling in, you can depend on our designers to have an intimate understanding of any stone that catches your eye’s alluring properties, key advantages, and notable characteristics. They can help you determine the feasibility of your ideas, how they can be tweaked or improved, and where you should be allocating your budget.

It’s normal to have a seemingly endless list of questions when it comes to a home improvement project, and consulting a knowledgeable design specialist — in-person, no less — makes the entire process that much more manageable. With an expert by your side, you can uncover design ideas you may not have even considered!

A Front-Row Seat to the Nation’s Largest Stone Selection

the indoor slabyard at Colonial Marble & Granite

From bright, dazzling patterns and tactile touchability to more muted canvases, a dynamic assortment awaits everyone who comes to visit us in person. Aside from a trusted staff of the best design consultants in the industry, our showroom is home to the nation’s largest stone selection. This places you amidst a sea of natural and engineered wonder, of virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to your project. By getting up close and personal with slabs, you’ll be able to glean an accurate sense of how a stone complements your space. From Titanium Black Granite to Cambria Torquay Quartz and beyond, we have a slab for everyone — and then some! 

Impressive Displays and Model Spaces That Bring It All Together

a kitchen display at Colonial Marble & Granite

Our showrooms don’t simply house a breathtaking array of stone; they offer visitors an immersive experience with model kitchens and bathrooms outfitted with our favorite products. You don’t have to strain very hard to picture what your space may look like, as you’ll be standing in an environment that could be your very own! Additionally, seeing how different elements coincide with a countertop — including cabinets, faucets, and hardware — can strike inspiration by pushing the envelope of your design strategy.

For more information about our showroom or comprehensive suite of offerings, including kitchen remodeling services and bathroom remodeling services, get in touch with the specialists at Colonial Marble & Granite today! Your countertop adventure starts here — where will the journey take you??

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