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We have had the benefit of working with families and businesses across Pennsylvania as well as in Edison, New Jersey, and New Castle, New Hampshire, to help them create the modern kitchen experiences they’ve envisioned. With that experience, we have a unique perspective on modern kitchen trends. We’ve collected some of our favorite pictures of modern kitchens and discuss some of the design aspects that make them so stunning.

Get design inspiration from the photos below and then try our kitchen visualizer to design your own modern kitchen. Borrow elements from what you like and create your own modern kitchen. You can also come into any of our showrooms and get the design expertise of our team, who have already helped your neighbors realize their modern kitchen dreams.

Kitchen Visualizer

What makes a modern kitchen modern?

First, let’s discuss what “modern” means in the context of interior design. “Modern” refers to an early 20th-century design movement that focuses on sleek geometric shapes with straight forward design, devoid of ornamentation. So when we talk about a modern kitchen we’re referring to this particular design aesthetic, not a recent timeframe. Characteristics of a modern kitchen can include:

  • Natural materials — Modern kitchen design emphasizes natural materials, such as marble and granite, and relies on their beauty to lead the design of the kitchen.
  • Straight forward design — You won’t see tile mosaics and ostentatious splashes of color; think simple yet stylish backsplashes and clean lines.
  • More horizontal than vertical — The majority of the lines you’ll see in a modern kitchen will be horizontal; long flat lines contribute to the sleek look of the kitchen.
  • Practical hardware — Ornate hardware has no place in a modern kitchen; instead, simple design choices are preferred for things like cabinet hardware.
  • “Frameless” cabinets — The doors of the cabinets overlay (at least partially or in full) the face of the frame of the cabinet.
  • “Flat” cabinets — The cabinets themselves have no depth or texture and are instead entirely flat.

What are the trends in modern kitchens in my area?

We’ve worked with families and businesses across Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and New Jersey for many years, so we’ve seen the growth in popularity of modern looking kitchens firsthand. Recently, a few trends have emerged in modern kitchens.

  • To-the-ceiling backsplashes — When you extend your backsplash to the ceiling, you get the benefits of protecting your entire wall from water damage or stains and a design that distinguishes your kitchen from the rest of the house.
  • Kitchen islands becoming bigger, stylish — Gone are the days where you squeeze in a kitchen island for some extra counter space and storage; today’s kitchens have the room, and kitchen islands are getting larger and more functional.
  • Hoods are no longer an afterthought — One of the least thought about kitchen updates is replacing your ventilation hood with something that better fits the design of a modern kitchen. This can include sleeker-looking hoods or hoods with longer horizontal lines in their design.

Are modern kitchen makeovers more expensive than typical remodeling?

With enough creativity and vision, any style of kitchen can be as budget-friendly or opulent as you’d like. The biggest expenses for a modern kitchen are typically the cabinets, so if you can figure out the most cost-effective way to revamp your cabinets, the rest of the remodeling will be more price-friendly as a whole. A modern kitchen remodel can cost between $10,000 – $40,000 depending on your budget.

What colors are best for a modern kitchen?

Most modern kitchens rely on the natural colors of the materials they choose for the kitchen. Beautiful granite or marble veining, a deep wood color or the sharpness of stainless steel all work together to provide a modern kitchen color palette. This, however, doesn’t mean that your kitchen can’t have a pop of color. You can work in colors that blend or contrast the rest of your kitchen so long as it’s not too intricate or ornamental looking. Garish colors can work but need to be used sparingly and correctly.

Why choose Colonial Marble & Granite for your modern kitchen?

All of the reasons Colonial Marble & Granite is right for your luxury kitchen boil down to two things: people and pricing.

  • Our team: We’re comprised of expert designers, consultants and contractors who have experience and a track record of excellence that you’d want for your luxury kitchen.
  • Our prices: Not only do we help you choose your countertops, but we also we design, fabricate, deliver, and install your kitchen. So we, unlike most countertop companies, are able to offer you better prices in each of these areas.

Get an instant quote or contact us today and schedule a time to come into one of our showrooms by you!