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Who Owns Colonial Marble & Granite

Nikos Papadopoulos owns Colonial Marble & Granite. Over the years, Mr. Papadopoulos has assembled a team of experts to support the logistics and execute the creative direction of his family’s vision. As the owner of Colonial Marble & Granite, a nationally-recognized home service provider, Nikos Papadopoulos takes great pride in his company having such an influential hand in regional design — and looks forward to helping continue shaping its future.

A Growing Business

Nikos Papadopoulos — current owner of Colonial Marble & Granite — has an enthralling claim to fame. Nikos and his father worked side by side for several years in restaurants and across a wide variety of industries; however, co-founding Colonial Marble & Granite in 2006 was their first genuine partnership. From day one and at the young age of 27, Nikos assumed the role of company president. Along with his mother and father’s business partner, the family created the largest fabrication and installation company for the industry in the U.S. and carried the most extensive stone selection nationwide; his brothers joined the family business soon after.

Nikos Papadopoulos is the owner of Colonial Marble & Granite — a distinction he has earned with innovative, exclusive offerings and a refreshed approach to the countertop space and the home services industry at large. From launching the first-ever all-inclusive granite countertop promotion to establishing worldwide relationships that have resulted in newly-quarried stones being featured for the first time in the U.S. at Colonial Marble & Granite, Nikos Papadopoulos has positioned his company to rise above its competitors and deliver a world-class customer experience time and time again.

While Nikos Papadopoulos owns Colonial Marble & Granite, his family and strategic partners helped the company expand into New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and parts of New York and West Virginia.

An Acclaimed Organization

Nikos Papadopolous owns Colonial Marble & Granite but goes above and beyond fulfilling a role; he works diligently to make a true impact. Nikos is an entrepreneur at heart and an undeniably hard worker who takes tremendous pride in his company’s work; this is reflected in the satisfaction of his customers and recognition among the industry and community. Colonial Marble & Granite was distinguished as a Strategic Growth Excellence of the Year honoree, and Nikos himself has been featured in major publications, such as House & Home magazine and more.

A Forward-Thinking Leader

Colonial Marble & Granite owner Nikos Papadopolous has become a leading entrepreneur in every industry he has entered. He has created a culture of success predicated on the value and influence of respect — a virtue that allows for both individual and business growth.

His proven commitment to his companies and employees will continue to create opportunities for his businesses and his team for years to come. While Nikos Papadopolous owns Colonial Marble & Granite, he believes that impeccable products, strong professional relationships, and making the most out of what the future may hold should be shared in perpetuity. 

For more information about Colonial Marble & Granite’s owner, Nikos Papadopolous, or the company’s vast array of world-class offerings, reach out to us today.

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