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Whether you’re looking for a new tub or shower, upgraded flooring, or to overhaul the space altogether, our free bathroom visualizer tool lets you check out a final design before paying a dime! We have many options available for furnishings, fixtures, and other features that make your bathroom optimal and unique to your personal style.

Explore Our Free Online Bathroom Design Tool

Our free bathroom layout visualizer lets you manipulate and customize nearly every facet of a bathroom; a genuine floor-to-ceiling snapshot of unique design. When you use our bathroom visualizer, you don’t have to imagine what certain aspects of your space will look like or hope that a piece-meal installation process will live up to your cohesive vision. You’ll be able to experiment with substantial updates and put the finishing touches on your bathroom from the comfort of your own home.

Design Your Dream Bathroom

Our free bathroom visualizer tool lets you explore all of your ideas to their fullest potential. From visualizing aspects you know you want to customizing features you’d like to explore, our free bathroom visualizer makes it easy to achieve your vision. Our bathroom visualizer is ideal for projects small and large, including everything from sink fixture updates to bona fide bathroom remodels. Your dream bathroom is just a few clicks away with our layout visualizer!

Online Bathroom Countertop Visualizer Tool

Your bathroom countertop sets the stage for the look and feel of the entire space. Whether you want natural stone, quartz, or any other material countertops, rest assured our bathroom countertop visualizer helps you make the right decision that will deliver on form and function for years to come. For more information about the countertop installation process, reach out to our team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes — our bathroom visualizer tool is free to use! However, if you’re looking for more advanced design options, we invite you to register an account with us to unlock additional items to utilize.

We’ve designed our bathroom layout visualizer with the end-user in mind, emphasizing excellent navigability, speed, and selection. To get started, hover over areas of the bathroom you would like to customize and explore the design options displayed above. From there, you can use our filters and menus to specify further precisely what you’re looking for — and discover options you may not have initially considered!

Yes, you can! We’ve included a Save feature which allows you to come back to your design at times that work best for you. Moreover, you can share your design via email or social media for a greater degree of collaboration or input.

While our bathroom visualizer is accurate and intuitive, it goes beyond being just a virtual builder. In fact, you can add items that are part of your design to your cart and proceed to check-out.

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We’re proud to offer the best free visualizer online. However, our experts are still at your disposal! For more information about our bathroom remodeling services any of our other offerings that beautify your interior spaces, including our kitchen remodeling tool, contact us today.

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