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Remodeling your bathroom is the perfect way to transform it into the oasis and sanctuary you’ve always dreamed it could be. However, upgrading this often-used space has so many more benefits than adding a touch of luxury and panache to your home. From updating its look and feel to adding storage and improving accessibility — not to mention increasing your home’s value — remodeling your bathroom is a practical investment that can benefit you and your entire family. With Colonial Marble & Granite knowledgeable and skilled team of bathroom remodelers, you can confidently make the right choices for your new bathroom design.

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Choose Your Bathroom Countertops

The best part about choosing to remodel your bathroom is picking out your new quartz, granite, or marble bathroom countertops! Start by browsing our online selection or visit a showroom nearest you to discover a variety of stone options we carry that will be perfect for your project. You’ll also have to decide on a finish and edge style. While there are endless options, our expert team will find the right top for your needs and budget.

Quoting and Template

After you’ve decided on your countertop, along with any additional upgrades like tile for your backsplash or a new bathroom sink, our team will provide a project quote. Upon review, acceptance, and payment, we’ll schedule a time to come to your home to measure and template how the stone will be cut and laid onto your cabinetry.

Tear Out

At Colonial Marble & Granite, we strive to make the process as stress-free as possible. We’ll remove and haul away your old bathroom countertops when we come to begin the process of installing your new bathroom countertops. We also provide demolition for backsplash removal in the case that you contract us to install replacement tile.

Bathroom Backsplash Installation & Sinks and Faucets

To complete a bathroom remodel you can’t forget the finishing details like fixtures and tile. We carry hundreds of tile options to pair with your new bathroom countertops, as well as a beautiful selection of sinks and faucets to bring all of your design elements together.

Bathroom Remodeling Philadelphia, New Castle, Harrisburg & King of Prussia

To complete a bathroom remodel, you can’t forget the finishing details like fixtures and tile. We carry hundreds of tile options to pair with your new bathroom countertops, as well as a beautiful selection of sinks and faucets to bring all of your design elements together.

Bathroom Renovations

From pairing your countertops and backsplash to selecting and installing a sink and faucet as the finishing touches, there are seemingly endless options and possibilities for your renovation project. Are you looking to add some color to your master bath remodel with contrasting shades of granite kitchen countertops?  Maybe your guest bathroom remodeling project could benefit from an upgrade to your backsplash tiles. Either way, the choice is up to you! Check out our free bathroom visualizer tool to combine selections and see what your renovation might look like. We feature a wide variety of options, like:

Adding a marble, granite, or quartz bathroom countertop can add style and a lively feel to even the most dull and dreary spaces. We feature a vast assortment of stones and styles for you to choose from.

A stunning backsplash can make a significant and striking difference to your old, outdated bathroom. Not only that, but the right material can even eliminate stain risks and make keeping them clean a breeze.

The perfect sink and faucet combination in your new bathroom upgrade won’t just freshen up the aesthetic look and feel of the space, but it can be a simple and easy way to save both water and energy due to their increased efficiency.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Our company’s team of bathroom remodeling experts is standing by to help you create the retreat and refuge that you imagined the room could be. We can help you with every aspect of your project, from planning your new bathroom design and selecting materials to ensuring it’s properly installed. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Plan and organize – determine the desired location of all your bathroom items for maximum functionality
  • Try to keep the same “footprint” – when planning your bathroom remodeling project, try to keep all walls and water fixtures in the same location to avoid moving plumbing pipes, electrical outlets, and more
  • Invest in quality materials – you want your bathroom remodeling project to last for years to come, so only rely on high-quality, durable items that can offer you longevity and low maintenance needs
  • Communicate with your bathroom remodeling team – establishing a rapport with your installers and fabricators will allow you to make the most out of the experience

Frequently Asked Questions

The scope and size of your renovation will help determine how long it will take, among other deciding factors. Simple installations typically require a shorter timeframe than more comprehensive and involved projects. Regardless if the bathroom remodeling services you need are big or small, our team can walk you through the process, offering you timelines as well and upfront quotes before you begin the project.

When it comes to planning your bathroom remodel, there are some best practices to follow, such as:

  • Establish a budget.
  • Research your options, including materials, spaces, and design ideas.
  • Understand the difference between “needs” vs. “wants”.
  • Consider any hidden costs.
  • Plan on using an alternate space to accommodate you and your family during the remodeling process.

Yes! Bathroom remodels are one of the popular types of renovation projects for homeowners because they add significant value to your home.

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