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Limestone is an attractive, tranquil stone that adds warmth to any room. A limestone countertop is appealing for any space that calls for a soft, soothing color palette. The undersea forming method of limestone slabs, where sediment settles, and its weight eventually pressurizes into a solid surface, adds to the earthy feel. Natural limestone countertop costs remain affordable, and our slabs are some of the most sought after. We offer an assortment of limestone counters for kitchens — indoor and outdoor — and other residential and commercial applications.

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Limestone Kitchen Countertops

Effortlessly catering to food lovers, seasoned chefs, and home décor enthusiasts alike, limestone countertops are an excellent addition to nearly any kitchen. The stone’s natural properties make it ideal for high-traffic, volatile-in-temperature environments such as kitchens. Limestone kitchen countertops are heat-resistant, meaning they can stand up to just-off-the-range cookware and hot spills without sustaining any damage. Proper care and ongoing maintenance of limestone kitchen countertops ensure they’ll last a lifetime — and then some! After all, limestone is durable enough to have maintained some of the most iconic structures from all over, including the Lincoln Memorial, the Parthenon, and the Empire State Building.

Want to discover if your limestone countertop will render your kitchen the next significant cultural touchstone — or even just a great place to gather? We’ve got you covered! Our Kitchen Visualizer tool gives you myriad design options to choose from.

Limestone Bathroom Countertops

Limestone countertops are an excellent choice for bathrooms of all sizes. While the inherent properties lend themselves to moisture-heavy environments such as bathrooms, limestone bathroom countertops’ beauty is a remarkable asset. Limestone is history incarnate, developed over time from shells and fossils of aquatic life, shaped by shifting sand and living animals. This equates to a primitive — yet impeccably elegant — appearance that enhances an entire space!

To get an accurate look at what limestone bathroom countertops will look like amongst your other fixtures and features, we invite you to check out our state-of-the-art Bathroom Visualizer tool!

Explore Our Selection of Limestone Countertop Slabs

Our limestone countertop slabs are the seeds of a newfound comfortable, casual ambiance for your remodeled kitchen or bathroom! Our team of procurement specialists has amassed an extensive selection of limestone countertop slabs, each offering its own distinct soothing, temperate tone. From mild beige and soft cream to rich shades of brown and gray, our assortment of limestone countertop slabs genuinely has something for everyone.

Rely on Colonial Marble & Granite Limestone Countertop Installation Services

Whether you’re a homeowner ready to tackle a bathroom remodel or a commercial building manager looking for a team of professionals to outfit your property with dependable materials, our professionals are dedicated to making your vision a reality.

We’re proud to serve the areas of:
● Pennsylvania
● New Jersey
● Delaware
● Maryland
● Philadelphia
● King of Prussia
● Harrisburg
● New Castle
● Edison
● And more!

For more information about our limestone countertop installation services, reach out to Colonial Marble & Granite today or visit our showroom!

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