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Also known as steatite, soapstone makes for an eye-catching, low-maintenance centerpiece in kitchens and bathrooms. With a warm look and cool feel, soapstone kitchen countertops are ideal for those who desire distinctive character, bacterial and heat resistant surfaces. A soapstone countertop is an excellent addition to food prep areas because it can withstand acidic foods, and it works well in wet locations, like bathrooms and bar tops, due to its nonporous nature. Soapstone counters are mainly talc and quartz, so they are dense but generally softer than granite and marble. Soapstone’s smooth matte look adds warmth and depth to any room.

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Marvelous Soapstone Kitchen Countertops

Several properties of soapstone render it ideal for food prep and high-traffic environments, namely kitchens! Soapstone is dense and nonporous. While it darkens when liquid is on the surface, it lightens up again upon evaporation or a clean-off. Soapstone is also chemically-inert, so it cannot be harmed by common household cleaners.

Additionally, soapstone is heat-resistant, allowing it to withstand very high heat levels and not sustain damage. In fact, you could place hot cookware on the surface and not have to worry about marring it or otherwise leaving undesirable imperfections.

While these properties are suitable for kitchens, soapstone countertops go above and beyond a utilitarian capability, as they serve as brilliant visual focal points for your space! There are several varieties and colors out there — and the experts at Colonial Marble & Granite purvey a comprehensive lineup of diverse yet timelessly-gorgeous material options.

To get a preview of how soapstone will complement one of your home’s most used common areas, turn to our Kitchen Visualizer Tool! This sophisticated feature offers real-time rendering of various kitchen components — including soapstone countertops — to bring your vision to life.

Beautiful Soapstone Bathroom Countertops

Soapstone countertops’ resilience and adaptability lend themselves to bathrooms of varying sizes. Impervious to bacteria and battle-ready for even the most volatile environments as far as moisture and temperature are concerned, soapstone countertops are the premier candidate. Your bathroom needs to be as appealing as it is functional, and with our Bathroom Visualizer tool, striking that balance is easier than ever before! We invite you to toggle through a myriad of countertop and fixture options, get inspiration, and take the next step in your remodeling project.

Explore Our Soapstone Countertop Slabs

From preferred hue and patina potential to vein-laden vistas of natural wonder, there are several considerations to take into account when choosing the perfect soapstone countertop material — and no slab is exactly the same. Fortunately, our specialists are happy to guide you through the entire process and help you install a custom-fabricated soapstone countertop that lasts — and amazes — for years to come. We are proud to carry astonishing slabs of Black Honed, Gray, and Green countertop material.

Contact Colonial Marble & Granite for Soapstone Countertop Installation Services

Looking for countertop installation services you can depend on? The search is over! Colonial Marble & Granite is committed to providing you with expert insight, meticulous attention to detail, and courteous professionalism.

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