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Due to their extraordinarily beautiful designs and superior functionality of their countertops, Caesarstone has been one of the most sought-after quartz countertop surfaces for more than 30 years. Made from engineered quartz and composed of 90% quartz combined with resins and polymers, Ceasarstone countertops are durable, nonporous, and heat and stain-resistant, making them ideal for busy kitchens and bathrooms. At Colonial Marble & Granite, we feature an immense selection of Caesarstone countertop slabs that come in a wide variety of colors and textures that emulate granite, marble, and concrete — but without the need for sealants. Perfect for residential and commercial applications, Caesarstone quartz countertops can add style and appeal to any space.

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Colorful Caesarstone Kitchen Countertops

Offering remarkable style that ranges from contemporary to classic — and everything in between — Ceasarstone quartz countertops come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, which makes them a perfect option for kitchen surfaces. As a naturally-sourced and engineered stone, Ceasarstone is available in a broader range of colors and patterns than granite; but they’re not just aesthetically pleasing — Caesarstone kitchen countertops are also exceptionally durable and impact resistant. In fact, they’re even harder than granite! Not only that, but Caesarstone kitchen countertops never require sealing, making them simple and easy to maintain throughout their lifetime. Want to see how your kitchen will look with a new Caesarstone countertop? Use our Kitchen Visualizer tool to find out!

Striking Caesarstone Bathroom Countertops

Because of its range of finishes and styles, Caesar quartz countertops are also perfect for a bathroom setting. Not only do they come in custom colors and textures, but they can also suit any bathroom design or theme. And when it comes to coordinating your bathroom countertop with backsplashes and other elements, it’s easier to match slabs compared to natural stone. Ceasearstone bathroom countertops also have none of the imperfections and nearly invisible striations that natural stone does; it’s nonporous and resistant to unsightly stains from oils, coffee, and tea, as well as bacteria and mold growth that can thrive in the moist environment of a bathroom. Cleaning Caesarstone bathroom countertops is quick and easy — a towel is typically all that’s needed to wipe up spills without leaving a film or residue behind. It’s also environmentally friendly, containing reclaimed quartz which provides an eco-conscious option for families and builders looking to reduce their ecological footprint. Check out our Bathroom Visualizer tool to see what your bathroom will look like with a Ceasarstone bathroom countertop!

View Our Selection of Caesarstone Countertop Slabs

Since they’re made from engineered stone, Ceasarstone countertops aren’t just durable and long-lasting, but they’re also available in a dizzying array of colors, styles, designs, and more. This makes them incredibly versatile, perfectly suited to match and complement any existing interior décor in your home or commercial building.

At Colonial Marble & Granite, we offer seemingly endless choices of Caesarstone countertop slabs for you to choose from. From the soft and creamy canvas of Dreamy Marfil Quartz and the gray, speckled texture of Misty Carrera Quartz to the bold, robust blacks and whites of Coastal Grey Quartz and the intricate, textured whites and taupes of Atlantic Salt Quartz, we feature a broad spectrum of Caesarstone shades and designs in our stores’ showrooms and slab yards.

Your New Countertop Is Right Here, Waiting for You

If you’re curious where to buy real Ceasarstone countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, or other area, we have good news — it’s already waiting for you in one of our showrooms! The process of choosing your new countertop is an exciting one, and our team of designers, fabricators, and installers is with you at every step, offering their expertise along the way. From the initial visit and selection of your slab to fabrication and our expert countertop installation services, Colonial Marble & Granite provides you with truly comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire process.

We’re proud to serve the areas of:
● Pennsylvania
● New Jersey
● Delaware
● Maryland
● Philadelphia
● King of Prussia
● Harrisburg
● New Castle
● Edison
● And more!

If you’re ready to add character, depth, and striking beauty to your home or commercial building and give it the upgrade it deserves with a new Caesarstone countertop, contact us today!

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