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Cambria is the only quartz countertop manufacturer that is both family-owned and made in the USA. Cambria stone is engineered quartz with great strength and durability. Due to the nonporous nature of Cambria slabs, there is no need for sealing, and surfaces are virtually maintenance-free. A Cambria quartz countertop is both food-safe for kitchens and water-resistant for wet locations like bathrooms and bar tops. With elegant and timeless designs in their lineup — as well as a fantastical origin-story film aptly titled The Legend of Cambria spearheading a truly unique campaign initiative — this manufacturer has undoubtedly established itself as a household name.

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Cambria Kitchen Countertops

While quartz countertops are referred to as an engineered product, quartz is indeed a natural stone. However, depending on the quartz manufacturer, the amount of natural quartz in any given slab can vary. Cambria offers the highest concentration of pure quartz available — making for strong, compact slabs ideal for kitchen environments. Scratch-resistant, nonabsorbent, and strength to boot, Cambria kitchen countertops make for excellent centerpieces for kitchens of all sizes, although their appeal transcends utility.

Cambria manufactures impeccable products featuring a broad spectrum of colors, designs, patterns to complement any kitchen space. To see how Cambria kitchen countertops’ beauty enhances your space, check out our Kitchen Visualizer tool for a real-time look at their aesthetic potential.

Cambria Bathroom Countertops

Since Cambria bathroom countertops are as durable as they come — as well as moisture-resistant and easy to clean. These inherent properties render Cambria countertops appealing for bathroom applications in residential settings, corporate environments, and everything in between. With a bevy of stylistic choices at the helm of Cambria’s diverse lineup, there’s genuinely something for everyone!

Curious to see how a Cambria countertop would fit into your next bathroom remodeling project before installation? We’ve got you covered! Experiment with our Bathroom Visualizer tool to discover how Cambria countertops can reinvigorate — or completely redefine — your space.

Discover Our Cambria Countertop Slabs

Colonial Marble & Granite offers over 100 Cambria countertop varieties, each featuring a distinct appeal. With our extensive selection, you’re sure to find something you’ll love! From intricate patterns of rich, dark earth tones to brilliant vistas of light shades glossed with an enchanting spackle design, Cambria genuinely something for everyone. Have an idea of what style you want? We make it easy to find the perfect countertop, as you can sort by your desired hue.

We offer myriad quartz countertops from Cambria, including Berwyn, Montgomery, Bellingham, Praa Sands, and many more!

Contact Colonial Marble & Granite for Cambria Countertop Installation Services

Look for where you can buy real Cambria countertops? Look no further than Colonial Marble & Granite! Our specialists offer full-service installation to help your next kitchen or bathroom remodeling project a success.

We’re proud to serve the areas of:
● Pennsylvania
● New Jersey
● Delaware
● Maryland
● Philadelphia
● King of Prussia
● Harrisburg
● New Castle
● Edison
● And more!

For more information about our Cambria countertop installation services, reach out to Colonial Marble & Granite or visit our showroom today!

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