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LG Viatera

LG Viatera quartz countertops take one of Earth’s hardest materials and make it even more durable, strong, and beautiful. Made from up to 93% natural quartz, these engineered slabs feature superior tensile strength compared to natural stone, making them ideal for both residential and commercial buildings, as well as in restaurants and other hospitality settings. Nonporous and hygienic, LG Viatera countertops require less maintenance than other natural stones, are stain and heat resistant, and environmentally friendly. At Colonial Marble & Granite, we offer a wide selection of LG Viatera countertops, all backed by a conditional 15-year warranty and are NSF and Greenguard certified.

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Elegant LG Viatera Kitchen Countertops

Available in a wide selection of shades and patterns — all inspired by nature — an LG Viatera countertop can add unparalleled elegance and splendor to any kitchen area. Their large size lends them perfectly to bigger layouts, like kitchen islands, with fewer seams and a more consistent look, further adding to their aesthetic appeal. LG Viatera kitchen countertops aren’t just amazingly good-looking — they’re highly practical, too. Strong, durable, and built to last a lifetime, these slabs are stain, heat, and chemical resistant, allowing them to stand up to everyday wear and tear. To see what your kitchen will look like with a brand-new LG Viatera countertop, check out our Kitchen Visualizer tool!

Gorgeous LG Viatera Bathroom Countertops

Be your own artist as you select the perfect LG Viatera bathroom countertop from a varied palette of hues; with a range of shades and designs, there’s truly something for everyone. These slabs lend themselves perfectly to bathroom settings not just because of their beauty, but due to their functionality as well. Since they’re engineered using patented, cutting-edge technology, LG Viatera bathroom countertops are nonporous, hygienic, and easy to clean and maintain as they don’t require regular applications of sealants and waxes like natural stones.

These slabs are also environmentally friendly, manufactured using sustainable materials, and are NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) and Greenguard certified. Ready to see how your bathroom can benefit from a brand-new LG Viatera countertop? Use our Bathroom Visualizer tool to find out!

View Our Selection of LG Viatera Countertop Slabs

Using advanced polymer resigns and colorfast pigments, LG Viatera quartz countertop slabs are available in myriad shades and designs; their collections range from organic, earthy tones to marble- and granite-inspired options, and everything in between.

At Colonial Marble & Granite, we’re a trusted slab dealer and feature a vast selection of real LG Viatera countertops that can add a bit of luxury, flair, and charm to your home or commercial building. From the speckled, misty whites and beiges of Coral White Quartz and the subtle gray veining of Rococo Quartz to the peaceful, cloud-like whites of Cirrus Quartz and the bold, heavily-detailed patterns of Everest Quartz, our stores’ showrooms and slab yards have an LG Viatera countertop to suit any style or interior décor.

Ready to Give Your Countertop the Update It Deserves?

Replacing the countertops in your home, commercial building, or other space is the perfect way to update its look and refresh its aesthetics. Not only that, but purchasing a new countertop can be an exciting adventure — and Colonial Marble & Granite is here to help you every step of the way. From selecting your slab to our fabrication and countertop installation services, our designers, fabricators, and installers will provide you with their expertise and guidance throughout the entire process.

We’re proud to serve the areas of:
● Pennsylvania
● New Jersey
● Delaware
● Maryland
● Philadelphia
● King of Prussia
● Harrisburg
● New Castle
● Edison
● And more!

If you’re ready to give your countertop the update it deserves, contact us now and begin your journey today!

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