2020 Kitchen Design Trends: What’s Hot and What to Avoid

2020 Kitchen Design Trends: What’s Hot and What to Avoid

The use of raw materials, integrated appliances, and contrasting textures aren’t going anywhere when it comes to kitchen trends. However, 2020 has taken these lasting trends to another level. We aren’t straying from Marie Kondo’s minimalistic influences, however, there is a shift towards bigger and bolder surfaces. The newest kitchen trends for 2020 continue to elevate our kitchens further solidifying them as the go-to gathering place in the home.

Whether you’re planning a renovation or are looking to be inspired, here are some of the 2020 kitchen trends that we at Colonial Marble & Granite are most excited to be a part of.

Large Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands were once used as a place to simply prep food. Today, they have evolved into the hub of the kitchen, the central meeting space for family and friends. And for this reason, the kitchen island is getting larger and longer, with extended space for cooktops, double sinks, storage, and seating.

Quartz Countertops

Speaking of kitchen islands, it’s no surprise that quartz surfacing remains at the top of the countertop game. Its nonporous, low-maintenance, and stain-resistant nature make it a go-to for every lifestyle. With the maturation of engineering, quartz can be made to resemble the most beloved natural stones like marble and granite.

Artistic Backsplashes

The love for marble doesn’t stop at countertops. Kitchen backsplash trends 2020 have marble backsplashes dominating the walls. But this time, it’s Statuary marble for some big, bold contrast between light and dark in an elegantly simplistic manner. White marble pairs so well with natural woods and copper accessories.

Artistic mural-like tile arrangements are also making a statement while bolder colors like jade and turquoise tiles pop against white or wood cabinetry.

For 2020, some kitchen backsplash trends to avoid include the once-popular low-height backsplash, where an attempt at minimalism just made a kitchen look choppy and cluttered.

Waterfall Edges

Waterfall edges continue to be popular in home remodels and new builds, and engineer quartz is the ideal material for this surface design. Because it is manmade, colors are consistent and veining aligns much easier than natural stone, creating a flawless surface expanse.

Green Kitchens

There are many popular colors for kitchens in 2020, but it seems that green kitchen design is as important as ever. Designers are going green in more than one way. Unexpected shades of green kitchen cabinets give a room that earthy natural feel. Additionally, sustainable materials like bamboo, cork, and reclaimed timber help make a kitchen eco-friendlier.


2019’s vintage vibe gets a sophisticated upgrade as chinoiserie elements, painted cabinets, and upholstered furniture are being paired with more contemporary elements like sleek stone countertops and backsplashes of the same material and design.

What to Avoid in Kitchen Design

Earlier, we mentioned avoiding the cut-off backsplash. We are also seeing a decrease in the use of hanging pot racks, stainless steel appliances, industrial-style lighting, kitchen desks, open shelving, and (sad face) barn doors.

Take a look inside our Galleries for inspiration for your own dream kitchen. Click into the Kitchen Visualizer to see how your favorite designs will look in our virtual kitchen.

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