How to Mix Stone Countertops in Your Kitchen

How to Mix Stone Countertops in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is quite often the heart and soul of a space — it’s here you prepare for the busy day ahead, reconnect with your loved ones, and share with your closest friends. Because it’s such a staple in your home, it should reflect your personality and capture the essence of your spirit. It can be challenging to create this aesthetic design with only a few kitchen materials, which is why designers, decorators, and architects have begun to mix and match kitchen styles. Specifically, they’ve delved into the art of marrying different stone countertops.

If you’re ready to bring your kitchen from drab to fab, consider mixing kitchen countertop materials. Using more than one stone in the kitchen can make your space stand out with a one-of-a-kind design. However, before you select your two favorite stones and pair them together, you need to take a few things into account to create an aesthetically pleasing design. Follow these tips for mixing stone kitchen countertops to create a space that is distinctively yours.

Pay Attention to the Pattern of the Stone

The art of mixing kitchen countertops lies in selecting stones that do not have competing patterns. For example, if you installed two types of stone countertops, both with a great deal of movement, the overall design could end up being overwhelming. The eye will have trouble figuring out what to focus on, leaving you feeling exhausted rather than relaxed.

In the same vein, you will want to make sure the stones are not too similar in pattern or color. Otherwise, your selection could look more accidental than purposeful.

A fail-safe option for mixing stone countertops is installing solid-colored stones around the kitchen’s perimeter and an exotic stone countertop on your island. Since natural stones often have visually striking veining, it often works well to pair marble or granite with quartz or another engineered stone. Our clients like to pair dynamic stones like white marble countertops with darker quartz for a sophisticated but striking design.

Consider Your Kitchen’s Color Scheme

Just as important as paying attention to the pattern of the two stones is selecting materials that do not have clashing color schemes. Before deciding on any specific stones, you need to examine your kitchen’s current mix of colors. If the color scheme is mostly light or cool, you might consider warming it up with a dark-toned natural stone countertop, such as Titanium granite. If your kitchen’s design consists of dark materials, a white granite countertop might work well, for example.

The key to mixing kitchen countertops is creating balance. You should try to pick two shades of one color that will complement your design or use contrasting colors (such as light and dark) to create a harmonious design.

Blend Contrasting Stones

Do you have your eye set on two different types of stone countertops? You don’t have to sacrifice your dream of having either one in your kitchen. If they are visually different enough, you may be able to work them into your design simultaneously. For example, soapstone and granite pair well together, while porcelain and quartz blend seamlessly. Your countertop designer and installer can help determine which stones work best in your kitchen.

It’s important to note that you will need to be extra careful when mixing stone countertops when you already have two-toned kitchen cabinets. Having four different elements in a single space can easily feel too busy and overwhelming. That is to say, mixing kitchen countertops with two-toned cabinets isn’t impossible — it just takes an expert eye to get it done right.

Think About How Your Space Is Designed

When you step into your kitchen, where is your eye drawn? This could be the perfect place to install stone countertops with dramatic patterns or bold colors. A kitchen island, in particular, could make a great statement piece and be the hallmark of your kitchen. A dark-colored stone with sweeping veining could add flair to your culinary space, while a light-colored stone with a sprinkle of color could anchor your kitchen’s design.

Our Experts Can Help You Mix Your Kitchen Countertops

Deciding to mix stone countertops in your kitchen can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? Would a black granite surface really look good with a white quartz countertop? It’s questions like these that leave homeowners wondering if they should really venture into the art of mixing kitchen countertops. The good news is that you don’t have to design your kitchen alone. Our countertop installation professionals can help you create the perfect aesthetic in your kitchen, whether you’re in love with granite, marble, or quartz countertops. Contact us today to start designing your kitchen, complete with a beautiful mix of stone countertops.

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