2022 Design Trends: A Countertop Fabricator’s Forecast

2022 Design Trends: A Countertop Fabricator’s Forecast

Much like fashion, technology, and other conceptual commodities that shape the way we live, there’s no endpoint when it comes to kitchen design. It’s a perpetual, transformative idea that periodically takes a brand new — or charmingly re-emergent — form in our living and working spaces. While kitchen design and countertop trends are always on our radar, we don’t just aim to catch up to the industry’s blip. We pave the way for new styles and movements in kitchen design with our comprehensive procurement, design, fabrication, and countertop installation services.

Our logistics prowess is coupled with unmatched thought leadership; a pillar of our mission values that grants us the expertise suited for insightful rumination on fads past — and the dernier cri of the future. Drawing on years of our finger on the gorgeously-patinaed pulse, we’ll dive into what 2022 holds for the dynamic landscape of kitchen design and beyond — as well as how Colonial Marble & Granite can help you reach its summit.

It’s Only Natural

Materials such as darker, warmer wood and lustrous marble capture the very essence of our natural surroundings; distilling the ethereal mise en scène of dense forests, mountainous terrain, and breathtaking sunset vistas. These elements work in conjunction to elicit a romantic, inviting — and possibly even a nostalgic — atmosphere that infuses a kitchen with elegance and tranquility. Trending quartz countertops increasingly feature warm-tone backgrounds consisting of deep blues and greens.

Pairing the tenebrosity with elevated color palettes — including accents of lighter woods and gold fixtures — adorn the space with subtle, yet brilliant accouterments; channeling the canopy of a star-studded night sky. Additionally, quartz countertops sporting dark greys and blacks, shades that add a sleek, modern feel to kitchens and other spaces, are surfacing amongst contemporary kitchen design options.

Organization in Store

Storage, organization, and open shelving are on a meteoric rise. Not only do these features’ utilitarian qualities pave the way for streamlined simplicity and accessibility, they inject a considerable amount of breathing room into homeowners’ and interior designers’ choices when it comes to personality, warmth, invitation, and cohesiveness. For instance, a slab backsplash that extends up the wall, serving as a backdrop for open shelving, infuses a modern, sleek look and a romantic, elevated style that takes the reigns as a focal point while leaving the door open for complimentary tile or tile that adds most-welcome pops of color.

Modern Farmhouse

The times they are a-changin’ — and the way in which homeowners utilize their common areas is, too. While kitchens still uphold the traditional function of preparing food, in our bona fide work-from-home era, home living is becoming a progressively present characteristic in the spaces, as well. Modern farmhouse design introduces depth, dimension, and a rustic, cozy sustainability perfectly suited for colorful art and stone surfaces with dazzling embellishments — such as gold in quartzite. Natural stone countertops, such as marble and granite, come standard with earthy character and striking characteristics sure to complement — especially when paired with handmade tile — and quartz with color is following suit. Edge profiling options, such as square with eased edges and blunt, thick waterfall edges, are the visual tapestry ideal to dignify the modern farmhouse.   

2022 Interior Design Trends

2022 is slated to introduce — and double-down on — eye-catching, functional, breezy elements that coalesce into an unforgettably serene, practical feng shui.


From diet to personal devices, stalwarts of modern consciousness have incorporated sustainability and eco-friendliness into myriad aspects of their daily lives — and in 2022, interior design will be a platform in which these values, efforts, and way of life come to fruition.

Eco-friendly materials will be more popular than ever, as people are seeing the advantages of integrating energy-efficient products into their homes that accommodate their heating and lighting needs. Now, there’s even more of a focus on sustainability — in furniture, products, and how we design our homes, public spaces, commercial properties, and more. Reclaimed, recycled, and ethically-sourced materials are gaining momentum thanks to younger generations heavily involved in a widespread sustainability movement crossing into the home buying market.

With this in mind, kitchen and bathroom features — including everything from natural stone countertops, cabinets, hardware, and more — that fall in line with this development will be considered on both an aesthetic and ecological basis.


Being home for months — and for some, the better part of years — has opened the eyes of many professionals, students, families, and more toward optimized usage of space. Homeowners and designers alike are reconsidering how interior spaces are laid out, and what the idea of multifunctionality truly suggests.

In the throes of March 2021, carving out home offices and study areas was, by and large, necessary — if not a necessary evil. Now, the bigger picture consideration entails how to make our homes more of an oasis that we want to spend time in, instead of where we have to. This involves everything from convertible furniture, power-adjustable desks, under-stair storage units, lift-top coffee tables, and more that transcends merely ease — but showcases elegance.

While lots of home furnishings and design cater toward space-saving conveniences, multifunctionality envelopes places of gathering, as well — including countertops that aren’t solely for preparing food, but a blank canvas for decor, workspaces, and being an aesthetic statement in and of itself.

Curved Furniture

Curved furniture is the latest interior design trend taking over as we head into the new year, reviving a mid-century vibe dating back to the ‘60s and ‘70s. Pieces that can exude the period-inspired, yet timeless profile include mirrors, statement furniture such as barrel back chairs and curved sofas, reimagined contemporary chairs, as well as kitchen islands. It stands to reason that countertops have their place in this resurgence as well, given numerous finishing and edge profiling options that sport a tamer, more romantic, softer look and feel for kitchens and bathrooms. Tactile, wall-bound features will as well, including kitchen cabinets, their handles, and other hardware.

2022 Kitchen Décor Trends

Here’s what you can expect for 2022 kitchen décor trends:

Blues and greens

Rich, lustrous blues and forest greens are predicted to be among the most popular of kitchen colors in 2022, as these shades emanate wellness, sustainability, and a distinct sense of personality. Shades of green, in particular, are taking something of a center stage. As a color we associate with nature, green has a mystifying way of reconnecting us with our surroundings, fostering moments of clarity and positivity. For a more in-depth look at the palettes poised to dominate kitchen décor trends and interior design at large in 2022, learn more about Sherwin-Williams’ 2022 Colormix Forecast.

Blues and greens also play exceptionally well with the growing trend toward metallic accents as well as natural materials, such as wooden textures.

Metallic detailing

Brass finishes are an effective way to draw the eye to cabinetry and add warmth, especially when combined with a darker paint color. Homeowners and designers alike can create a cohesive look and spring for brass or antiqued metal hinges, taps, and statement lighting that add sophistication and age-old character to any space.

Adaptable lighting

Throughout 2021, we saw our kitchens in a new light — quite literally. More time spent at home meant a new understanding of how lighting worked for us throughout the day. In the new year, this will translate to a layering approach with lighting, including spot lights for working, and soft mood lighting that helps transition us from work to home life. This 2022 kitchen décor trend capitalizes on multifunctionality with utilitarian, yet tasteful radiance.

For example, ceiling spots can be used to shed light on the width of the kitchen, and under counter lighting can offer direct task illumination for prep areas and warm up the interior of glazed cabinets to showcase glassware and crockery. Pendants over a kitchen table or island can work as both ambient and task lighting. The right kitchen lighting ecosystem enables you to visually sculpt the space, curate an ambiance, and effortlessly oscillate between productivity, preparation, and peacefulness.

2022 Bathroom Décor Trends

Let’s take a look at what you can expect for 2022 bathroom décor trends:

Japandi Style

One of the bathroom décor trends you’ll see in 2022 is the Japandi Style — a hybrid trend that incorporates key design principles from Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. Japandi comprises the modern, minimalist flair of Scandinavian accent designs with the profile of Japanese style, featuring clean lines, a gentle color palette, and cool matte surfaces. Styles that involve wood, pebbles, stones, and varied texture are the primary elements of this stripped-down, yet full-of-life, look.   

Japandi consists of sleek lines, neutral colors, and natural materials. Bamboo and rattan furniture, linen furnishing, and accessories sporting a natural finish work together to achieve the ideal look and mesmerizing environment.

Bringing the Outside In

A 2022 décor trend we can expect to permeate bathrooms far and wide is that of biophilia. Styling a bathroom with ranges of natural elements, including houseplants, spider plants, Chinese evergreens, pampas grass, imbues a tranquil, retreat-like sanctuary to unwind. More time spent at home has meant there’s a need to feel even more connected with nature to reduce stress and anxiety, and immersing oneself in a relaxing space beautifully punctuated by plants works to amplify the nurturing process.

Spa-Like Amenities and Layouts

There’s been a significant rise in the selection of luxury bathroom features — and when forecasting 2022 bathroom décor trends, it comes as no surprise that will continue. Think finishes such as tiled shower pans utilizing detailed mosaic tile, euro style shower doors with thick glass and minimal framing, stylish hardware, as well as granite and quartz countertops combined with undermount sinks.

Conquer 2022 Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends With Colonial Marble & Granite

If modern design principles and industry-sweeping trends have anything to say, interior spaces transcend places where you simply spend time; they’re havens of character and utility, freedom and intentionalism, togetherness and personal solitude. With their right partner, you have the ability to not just make the most out of foretold mise en scène, but marry artistry, material, and spatial consciousness in ways that shape the extent of daily life — ushering memories, routines, family, and nature into perpetual solidarity.

For more information about our offerings, including everything Soprano quartz and Steel Gray granite countertops, reach out to Colonial Marble & Granite today!

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