Behind the Scenes at Colonial Marble & Granite

Behind the Scenes at Colonial Marble & Granite

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: your countertop is so much more than just a slab of marble, granite, or engineered stone; it’s a distillation of worldly sojourn, a tangible marriage of artistry and functionality, and a talisman of interior and exterior design. We value the rich tapestry behind every stone; a historical catalog of worldly wonder and human achievement — and work fervently to share that understanding, passion, and empowerment with those we partner with.

From how marble and granite are mined to the overseas origins of the preferred stone of the Renaissance Masters, we’re always looking for opportunities to not only provide our customers world-class materials and unparalleled services, but inform our audience about what it is that makes each one one of our countertops unique.

The Countertop Journey: When Seeing Is Believing

A countertop’s “journey” is just that — a voyage from earth to your home or business. The transformation itself is captivating, and by understanding every aspect of the process, you can develop a greater appreciation for the slice of history destined to adorn your space.

We’re always looking to expand upon the ways in which we showcase our resourcefulness and expertise in a way that benefits our customers. We’re excited to share a behind-the-scenes look into our process:




marble being mined from a quarry in tuscany, italy

The start of your countertop’s travels from earth to interior or exterior space is anything but an off-the-shelf process. Just imagine you’re looking out over a vast quarry in Carrera, Italy; soaking in thousands of feet of natural stone; untouched, one with the earth, tethered to the planet’s geological fabric. While this is surely an impressive concept, it takes an experienced, passionate eye to harness the astonishment. 

Aside from stone extracted from domestic sites, the journey begins at quarries all over the world, with Brazil, Italy, Spain, and China being hotspot locales. We take great care in extracting the right slabs — ones that work to showcase a captivating array of the site’s most exquisite facets. After all, that vista is an amoebic mosaic of varying potential countertop styles; stories of nature crafted by temperature changes and environmental factors stretching eras. Our state-of-the-art mining resources and processes let us hand-select what will eventually be shaped into countertops all over the country.


After procuring our slabs, it’s time to refine — a step in our Behind the Scenes process that lets us further dial in our passion to bring out the very best these segments of extraordinary stones have to offer.

Our fabrication process involves our specialists making a final inspection for flaws such as blemishes, fissures, seams, and scratches. The stone slab is laid out to ensure optimal appearance of both color and vein texture. Utilizing sophisticated cutting technology and leveraging years of industry experience, we then customize it to fit your unique space; shaping the perimeter, fashioning sinkholes, and producing a genuinely bespoke product for bathrooms, kitchens, commercial facilities, yachts, and beyond.

Finishing and Profiling

a countertop edge profile

Next up involves the introduction of another valued asset: our customers. When you walk through our doors to discover our boundless assortment, you’re being immersed in countless tales as old as time presenting you with the opportunity to reimagine your space in such a way that no one has ever been able to do before. Our slabs are one-of-a-kind, and our finishing and profiling step customizes that quality even further.

This step gives us the opportunity to implement those final finishing touches, such as adding a beautiful finish that exhibits — and preserves — your stone’s breathtaking beauty and making cuts idiosyncratic to your project, including edge profiling.

Expert Installation


t this stage, our expert countertop installers are ready to affix your countertop. However, go above and beyond the standard; with an intimate knowledge of your stone’s properties and refined expertise in the countertop installation process, you can rely on our specialists to leave the job site immaculate and for informed insight as to how to care for your new countertop.

Going behind the scenes of the countertop journey is just the beginning — it’s our satisfied clients that complete the story. For more information, reach out to our team today!

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