Maintenance Tips for Your Marble, Granite, or Quartzite Countertop

If you browse our catalog or visit any one of our showrooms, you’ll encounter an impressive array of countertop options. Marble, granite, quartz, quartzite…the list goes on. While our options are undoubtedly stunning, keeping them looking pristine with the proper care is a paramount to-do for any countertop owner. We’ve outlined best practices for your […]

What Are the Finishing and Edge Profiling Options for My Countertop?

Choosing between edge profiling options and finishes for your countertop can be decisions just as significant as the material itself. With a virtually endless selection to choose from, we understand it can be challenging to determine the best fit for your natural stone or quartz countertop project. However, the experts at Colonial Marble & Granite […]

Discover These Trending Countertop Styles, Colors, and Designs!

Every year, new trends emerge that can completely upend previous interior design and décor philosophies, and perhaps none have been as ever-changing and evolving as countertop styles. From granite-leaning trends to the emergence and predominance of quartz, it seems like there’s always something novel and exciting happening in the industry.

Carrara Marble: the Preferred Stone of the Renaissance Masters

High near the Apuan Alps in Tuscany, a bold, young, 22-year-old artisan on horseback traversed the hazardous mountain terrain looking for the perfect artistic medium. He would stay there for months at a time, not only procuring this natural stone, but also working alongside excavators, carvers, and even building the roads to transport these magnificent, […]

Using Granite As A Cooking Stone: Why, How & What To Expect

Use Granite As A Cooking Stone Or On The Grill: Why, How & What To Expect From our bet-you-didn't-know and hey-that's-really-cool files, we bet you didn't know that you can repurpose granite scraps for cooking. Yep, if you're installing new granite countertops, your granite fabricator can repurpose the granite remnants into useful kitchen tools for [...]

What Does A Kitchen Designer Do & Do You Need One?

What Does A Kitchen Designer Do & Do You Need One? Definitely, Maybe As home design evolves, the kitchen space continues to become more important than ever. Over the last few decades, it has sealed its role as the gathering, resting, working, meal-planning, cooking, and eating place. The kitchen layout has grown to encompass larger [...]

Hot Pans, Thermal Shock And Your Granite Countertops

Hot Pans, Thermal Shock And The Impact On Your Granite Countertops You want a beautiful kitchen but you also want a durable, long-lasting kitchen. This is where granite comes in! The beauty of granite is undeniable and when you add to that how tough it is, it can be the obvious choice for your kitchen. [...]

Mansion Kitchens: How To Spend $1 Million Without Trying

Mansion Kitchens: How You Can Spend $1 Million Without Trying Multi-million dollar mansions have multi-million dollar kitchens – that's partly how they get the price tag, after all. So what are the things that go into the highest of high-end kitchens? We cover the main areas that you could spend exorbitant amounts of money on [...]

Homemade Granite Cleaner: 5 Questions & Answers To Know

Homemade Granite Cleaner: 5 Questions & Answers To Know For Countertops You've spent the time designing and installing your dream kitchen with granite countertops – can you use a simple homemade cleaner to maintain it? We answer the 5 questions you should be asking about homemade granite cleaner. You'll learn the ingredients, formulations and professional-grade options to consider. What [...]

Stone For Fireplaces, Grill Islands, Floors & Wall Cladding

Beyond Countertops: Stone For Fireplaces, Outdoor Grill Islands, Floors & Wall Cladding Stone is the natural choice for those looking to outfit their residential or commercial properties with something appealing when it comes to countertops. Whether natural or engineered, stone for kitchens and bathrooms has become the most popular surface due to its varying durability, versatility, and [...]
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