Stone For Fireplaces, Grill Islands, Floors & Wall Cladding

Stone For Fireplaces, Grill Islands, Floors & Wall Cladding

Beyond Countertops: Stone For Fireplaces, Outdoor Grill Islands, Floors & Wall Cladding

Stone is the natural choice for those looking to outfit their residential or commercial properties with something appealing when it comes to countertops. Whether natural or engineered, stone for kitchens and bathrooms has become the most popular surface due to its varying durability, versatility, and manageability. While granite, marble, quartz, travertine, limestone, onyx, soapstone, and quartzite each have their own special qualities and designs, they all share a commonality in that they can be utilized for much more than kitchen countertops. From swimming pool tile and outdoor grill islands to restaurant bar countertops and fireplace surrounds, the many uses of stone in interior design elevate both traditional and contemporary settings.

Fireplace Surround – Add Style & Function To Your Fireplace

When styling a fireplace surround, there are many stone options to suit your interior design approach. Acting as a focal point of a room, the fireplace calls for aesthetic attention as well as a high level of durability. Granite is a popular choice for wood-burning fireplaces due to its versatile color range, durability, and clean look. Quartz is gaining in popularity as its durability, and scratch and stain resistance is even higher than granite, and it never needs to be sealed.

Marble, quartzite, and travertine are optional stones for fireplaces; however, they are more sensitive to stains and scratches and require more maintenance than granite and quartz. These stones are recommended for gas or electric fireplaces.

Flooring – Beauty and Durability Underfoot

The location and amount of traffic will determine the best type of stone to use for your flooring needs. From large stone tiles to patterned mosaics, stone floors exude a cool, natural, stylish feel. If choosing flooring for a high-traffic area such as a kitchen, hospitality foyer, or frequently used washroom, a hard, dense stone like granite or slate will be best. Granite can be flamed for a slip-resistant texture.

A soapstone floor is beneficial in wet locations like bathrooms and kitchens because it doesn’t get slippery and has nonporous benefits. Quartz offers low maintenance and nonporous benefits in addition to its durability that can stand up in a high-traffic area. While marble is a sophisticated option, it’s probably only best for low-traffic formal spaces because it’s easily scratched.

Outdoor Grill Island – Bring The Kitchen Outside

Almost every outdoor kitchen has a food prep station and outdoor grill island or countertop that must be durable, not prone to stains and scratches, and fit for outdoor use. Of all the natural stones we have available, granite fits the aforementioned to a tee. Additionally, it doesn’t absorb odors easily. Choose a mid-range color as the darker granites absorb heat and can become hot to the touch. Keep in mind, granite needs to be sealed once or twice a year to keep these benefits.

Another option to consider is soapstone. Its nonporous nature makes for lower maintenance as well as better bacterial resistance. It can withstand acidic foods, which is a plus in a prep area that sees a lot of tomatoes, citrus, and vinegar use.

Decorative Wall Cladding – Distinctive Look For Discerning Taste

Stone feature walls can create an impressive statement in a home or business. Marble tiles add luxury and sophistication, while quartzite slabs give off a sleek, modern vibe. Possibly the most well-rounded stone for walls is quartz. Engineered quartz can come in a thinner slab enabling you to affix it vertically to a supporting wall. Because quartz is manmade there is a great variety of colors that emulate granite, marble, and concrete allowing for any design style.

Onyx walls merge nature with interior design in the most stunning way. Much like a piece of artwork, onyx has distinctive patterns that transcend time. Much like a semiprecious stone wall, onyx is somewhat translucent, so designers often backlight onyx walls to cast a glow to enhance the stone’s beauty and the room’s ambiance. This stone is ideal for wall designs in lobbies, bar areas, and bathrooms, to name a few.

While these are four of the most popular uses for stone other than countertops, there are many other places stone can be used around a residence or commercial business including a home bar countertop, mudroom floor, laundry room surfaces, swimming pool tile, shower surrounds, master closet islands, hotel lobbies, stairways, restaurant bar countertops, basement bar ideas, and more.

Colonial Marble & Granite is versed in the ways of stone applications and can help you through the design process from start to finish including planning, selection, scheduling, fabrication, and installation. But we don’t stop there. We pride ourselves on impeccable customer service to guarantee that our customers are happy far into the future. Check out our Visualizers to see for yourself how stone can enhance your home.

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