What Are the Finishing and Edge Profiling Options for My Countertop?

What Are the Finishing and Edge Profiling Options for My Countertop?

Choosing between edge profiling options and finishes for your countertop can be decisions just as significant as the material itself. With a virtually endless selection to choose from, we understand it can be challenging to determine the best fit for your natural stone or quartz countertop project. However, the experts at Colonial Marble & Granite are here to help by going over the option line-up and exploring trending styles that help you make the most of your décor and space at large.

Trending Edge Profiling Options for Your Countertop

When choosing between countertop edge profiling options, it’s imperative to consider the material at hand, the size and style of your kitchen or bathroom, as well as your price range. These factors will influence which edge profiling options are ideal candidates to move forward with and which ones are best left on the fabricating room floor. Here are some of our customers’ recent favorites:

infographic depicting different edge profiling options for countertops

Bullnose Edge

bullnose edge countertop

Overall, the bullnose edge offers a rounded countertop look — although this category has its own subsects, including the half and full bullnose edge. A half bullnose sports a slight curve on the upper portion of the countertop, granting the edge a thicker appearance. Its counterpart, the full bullnose, offers timeless sophistication and is common in traditional design.

Chiseled or Rough Edge

chiseled edge countertop

To achieve a chiseled edge, the natural stone is left exposed; it’s rough edge showcasing distinct texture and natural characteristics. This chiseled edge can feel on the more informal side, especially when up against a more sophisticated or decorative edge profiling such as the ogee edge. At any rate, its rustic, organic aesthetic is undeniable and full of charm.

Ogee Edge

ogree edge countertop

Among the more intricate — and modern-day favorite — countertopedge styles, the ogee edge is popular among traditional kitchens and bathrooms. Its concave S-curve detail is eye-catching and elegant and is especially favored for marble and quartz countertops as it complements the patterns often found in the natural stone.

Eased Edge

eased edge countertop

Sometimes referred to as the “soften square” look, eased edges are perfect for more modestly-sized kitchens, tight corners, and narrow walkways. The slightly rounded corners and flat sides make for a subtle, extremely versatile edge for modern or traditional kitchens. Additionally, they work for nearly any counter material, and their rounded edges aren’t prone to chipping.

Beveled Edge

beveled edge countertop

A beveled edge features a flattened corner at roughly a 45-degree angle. A bevel cut can be done at varying angles, but it is a slanted edge. A sharper beveled edge will show off veinings and coloring of granite, marble, or quartzite. It is relatively easy to keep clean and has characteristics complementary to contemporary designs.

Custom Edge

custom edge countertopWith numerous variant, hybrid, and novel countertop edge designs out there, a custom edge empowers those weighing the pros and cons of different profiling options with the ability to highlight their favorite features and design something entirely unique.

Popular Types of Countertop Finishes

Aside from the type of material and desired color schemes, another aesthetic aspect to consider is your countertop’s surface finish. Here are some of the most in-demand:

Matte Finish

matte finish countertopA chic selection also referred to as “honed”, matte finishes have been a blossoming kitchen remodeling trend in recent years. Unlike its glossy counterpart, this finish on countertops is significantly less reflective, making matte ideal for spaces with lots of light fixtures as it reduces glare that may become visually cumbersome with hard, shinier surfaces. Additionally, its natural appearance helps cloak minor imperfections and does not demand involved cleaning and maintenance.

Polished Finish

polished edge finish countertop

An impeccably smooth, mirror-like finish that not only impacts the aesthetics of the room it’s in but improves the resilience of the countertop material itself. A polished finish enriches the countertop’s colors, giving glossy accompaniment to Victorian and French-styled kitchens as well as sleek bathroom designs.

Leathered Finish

leathered finish countertop

A newer style that’s quickly gained traction in the design world, leathered finish features a soft sheen and textured appearance. The stone’s dimple-like texture is achieved when diamond-tipped brushes are run atop honed granite. Leathered finishes are more commonly used on darker stone surfaces.

Premier Countertop Installation Services With Colonial Marble & Granite

We understand that exploring finish and edge profiling options can deluge customers with an abundance of choice — so much so that they could use some direction. That’s where we come in! When you partner with our experienced team of fabricators, designers, and countertop installation experts, you can rest assured you’ll get invaluable insight and informed recommendations for your next project. For more information, reach out to our team today!

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