Fall Interior Design Trends: Incorporating Autumnal Design With Your Countertops…and Beyond

Fall Interior Design Trends: Incorporating Autumnal Design With Your Countertops…and Beyond

No matter how many times we’ve experienced it, fall is always a season of change. While temperature drops, deciduous trees, and cozily-overcast days are all outdoor hallmarks that usher us into this last leg of the calendar year time and time again, transformation isn’t exclusive to what’s beyond our doors; it impacts the way we decorate, dress, eat…quite frankly, it shakes up the way we live — and interior design, a crucial component of that livelihood, is no exception.

Here, we’ll explore interior design trends that will dominate fall 2021: the shades, textures, and fixtures that will all work in conjunction to let property owners make the most out of central themes and grander concepts slated to make their mark this year.

Making Natural Connections

As fall sets the stage for friends and family being reunited during the upcoming holiday season, this trend, too, ties everything together by bringing elements of the outside in — and vice versa. It’s apropos to dress up kitchen countertops and other high-visibility surface areas with pumpkins and seasonal flowers, as well as candles at varying heights for a relaxed, even romantic feel. This natural connection, especially in our COVID-19 era, will emphasize natural light as well as elements and furnishings with natural fibers such as rattan, wicker, cane, or wood.

Fall weather can be markedly preferable to the dog days of summer, and with a general population perhaps over-accustomed to the confines of the indoors in the past few years, it only makes sense that certain activities will find themselves hosted in the great outdoors — with porches, patios, and yards comprising their front row. From fire pits and ample seating to outdoor kitchens outfitted with granite flat tops for cooking, a resurgence of functional and inviting exterior elements will be accented by patterned and plaid cushions and upholstery, malta lanterns, and a smattering of potted plants, leaf wreaths, and charming gourds.

Foundational Foliage

Interior design and outdoor fall landscapes mesh together perfectly, with warm, earthy neutrals setting the stage for autumnal, seasonal color schemes — featuring hues of sepia, russet, terracotta, and crimson, to name a few — imbue the palette of designers this time of year, and rightfully so. Not only that, but fall foliage adds inspiration to the trends we’re seeing in countertops that feature warm undertones, bold, dramatic veining, and subtle inclusions. These colors work together to encapsulate the idea of curling up by the fire on a chilly autumn evening, the moon slowly rising above the ever-changing clouds and undulating foggy mist.

As the changing leaves signify a seasonal turnover, color schemes for interior design follow suit by highlighting simple yet powerful contrast that retains a sleek, modern aesthetic. Cool colors harmoniously paired with warm, natural woods produce a simple contrast and a fresh look. 

Balance in Texture

Textures operate on a physical, to-the-touch level — as well as a visual one. Ultra-soft fabrics and natural textures are making headway in modern interior design, including boucle, Sherpa, and other furry fabrics that not only can provide warmth in the literal sense but provide ample opportunity for cozy updates. Accent pieces such as woven poufs, wool blankets, and sweater pillows can help set the tone for reading nooks, living rooms, and other areas you intend to unwind or even gather. By strategically selecting the shades and placement of these accouterments, a fall-inspired idyll can be achieved, an autumnal atmosphere mirroring its open-air counterpart with scattered elements of color and textural reprieve, all contributing to an enthralling mosaic of natural wonder.

Stunning Countertops

From floor to ceiling, fall interior design envelopes myriad components of your space — and your countertop is a focal point of your kitchen that must be considered. Pillars of forecasted trends this year, including everything from sustainability and bridging the gap between the indoors to autumnal color and favorable texture, all remain relevant when it comes to installing or replacing your kitchen countertop. Pulling double-duty as being a practical workhorse of one of the most used rooms and serving as the centerpiece of the look and feel of your kitchen, we’ve compiled surface material and aesthetic qualities that you should keep on your radar this year:

Strong Surfaces

Quartz is currently leading the charge when it comes to trending countertops, and it’s really no wonder why; it checks off all the boxes that property owners are looking for when it comes to a kitchen countertop they can rely on for years to come. Engineered to be both durable and low-maintenance, quartz will withstand just about anything; it features strikes of gold color paired with warmer tones — a facade that embodies current trends and will pair effortlessly with festive decor.

One-of-a-Kind Patterns and Finishes

Marble, too, is another favorite that will essentially never go out of style. Its truly unique patterns and display — luxurious veining etched against a muted-creamy backdrop — emanate a natural sophistication. With marble countertop installation, you’re outfitting your space with a one-of-a-kind slab emblematic of other seasonal trends, imbuing nature in your living space.

Custom finishes also contribute to distinctive kitchens, with matte, polished, and leathered finishes enabling countertop owners to highlight or diminish their slab’s sheen and textured appearance. Patterns and finishes lay the foundation for modern design principles; sleekness, scale, and sophistication. Hardware and accents help achieve contrast and capitalize on architectural details that are bold and iconic.

Oversized Islands

Kitchens are doubling as cooking spaces as well as workstations — rendering oversized islands a must for 2021. An oversized island serves as a centralized hub, and its sizable surface area allows for more seating, opening up communication while granting everyone around the perimeter enough room for preparing food, eating, working…the list goes on. Countertop owners can consider contrasting their island surface from the rest of the counters in the space with a waterfall edge.


This year, we’ve seen many think beyond the horizontal surface and venture into vertical territory. With the wide range of colors, textures, finishes, and patterns available, you can add palpable pizzazz to a cooking space by running your countertop straight up the wall as a backsplash. Not only will this protect your walls and keep kitchen maintenance a breeze, natural and engineered stone backsplashes create a lovely texture and visual intrigue with fun patterns and added depth to your space.

Make a Statement With Colonial

Fall is indeed a time of change, and while nature takes care of itself in that regard, your updated interior project shouldn’t have to be a solo venture. With our expert team of countertop installation specialists in your corner, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to keep up with the trends and establish a space you and yours will fall in love with.

From the dissemination of expertise about the mining processes of marble and granite to our work on properties of high-profile clients — one example of which was showcased on an episode of MTV Cribs featuring Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir and his Delaware manor — our team has an intimate understanding of how to make the most out of an indoor or outdoor space, including yours. For more information about our offerings, reach out to us today.

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