What Is a Bookmatched Countertop? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

What Is a Bookmatched Countertop? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Symmetrical designs please the eye and elevate any space (whether the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom) to an oasis. Homeowners wishing to fabricate a flawless, flowing design in their kitchens or bathrooms should consider installing bookmatched countertops. What is a bookmatched stone countertop, you may ask? These cohesive slabs of stone are seamlessly laid to create intricate patterns from their natural veining, leading to a truly breathtaking and wholly unique piece.

If you’re interested in how bookmatched surfaces came to be and how you can replicate the design in your kitchen, keep reading. Our guide to bookmatching will help you transform your culinary space into a piece of art; your bathroom into your own personal oasis.

What Is Bookmatching?

Before you can decide if bookmatched stones are the ideal solution for your kitchen island or countertop, you must first understand what bookmatching is. Bookmatching a stone describes the process of cutting a slab of stone in half and opening and polishing these halves to create a pattern that is mirrored on each side of the surface.

You may be familiar with these types of mirror images on the backs of wooden violins and guitars. The peaks and swirls of the wood grain meet in the middle and continue on either side of the instrument. The same effect can be created by cutting a slab of natural stone in half and matching up the veins blooming throughout the stone. The subsequent patterns and shapes add depth and drama to your kitchen.

How Are Stones Bookmatched?

When you decide a bookmatched stone countertop is your ideal path to creating an opulent kitchen, large stone sections are sent from the quarry. The stone is then sliced in half like a bagel using a gang saw. This blade is sharp enough to create a clean slice quickly and accurately. After the stone is cut in half, its slabs will be laid flat next to each other so that the veins of the stone align. At this point in the process, it becomes clear why it’s called “bookmatching” — separating the two halves is similar to opening a book and laying it flat on a surface.

At this point, the bookmatched slabs are ready for polishing. Automated polishing machines ensure the stone’s fine details explode off the surface and are not obstructed by debris.

Which Natural Stones Can Be Made Into Bookmatched Countertops?

When people find out what a bookmatched stone countertop is, they are pleased to learn that it offers endless possibilities for creating unique interior designs. However, it’s important to note that bookmatching a stone only works with materials that have strong veins and vibrant colors. After all, the main purpose of bookmatching is fabricating geometric patterns. If your preferred stone doesn’t have a distinct pattern from the start, you may be better off choosing a different style for your countertop.

With that said, there are myriad stones that work well for bookmatching. In particular, marble, quartz, and granite have the levels of veining, clarity, and definition needed to establish a striking design that makes your kitchen enviable. Plus, these materials are highly durable, so you don’t have to worry about the alluring veining fading with time and use.

Where Can You Use Bookmatched Stones?

Bookmatched stone is a work of art in its own right, which is why it’s popularly used as a feature wall. Luckily, you can benefit from the intricate patterns created by bookmatching without covering a large surface area. Bookmatched countertops are stones that allow you to make a bold statement with a single feature in your kitchen. Incorporate the feeling of movement and serenity with a waterfall quartz countertop design, or add drama with a bookmatched marble countertop.

How Much Do Bookmatched Countertops Cost?

The process of bookmatching countertops is more intricate than preparing regular slabs for use. For this reason, it costs more to install bookmatched kitchen countertops. However, the additional costs are well worth the investment when you have a stunning kitchen as a result of the renovation. When you work with our fabricators, you can trust we’ll help you find the perfect stone and design for your space and budget.

Design Your Countertops With the Assistance of Colonial Marble & Granite

If your kitchen is sorely lacking in flair, consider installing bookmatched stone countertops. These highly sophisticated stone slabs can infuse your space with glamor and energy. Turn to our team of experienced fabricators, designers, and installers to elevate the design of your kitchen. We offer a range of stone slabs ideal for bookmatching, including white granite. To get started on redesigning your space or for more answers to your questions like, “What is a bookmatched stone countertop?”, contact us today!

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