Kitchen & Bathroom Marble Countertop Types, Colors & Options

Kitchen & Bathroom Marble Countertop Types, Colors & Options

Types, Colors & Options For Marble Countertops In The Kitchen & Bathroom

When remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, there are a lot of questions you may ask yourself when you start to plan and design your space. One question that we get here at Colonial Marble & Granite on a daily basis is “What do I need to know about choosing a marble countertop that I love?”  Colors, patterns, and finishes all affect the aesthetics of your choice of marble. Here are some of the choices you’ll make when selecting the marble that is perfect for your marble kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Marble Types and Color Selection – The Look You’re Seeking

Marble comes in many different types and colors. There are dozens upon dozens of types of marble that vary slightly based on the conditions of the rock’s formation. The look and characteristics of marble are determined by the amount of pressure, time, and heat is formed under, along with the level of impurities. When you’re choosing a type of marble it’s usually finding the balance between the look of the marble that you’re seeking and the available hues or colors.

Marble comes in many different colors ensuring that no matter the design aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom you’ll be able to find a matching marble. While there are many different shades and the type of marble can play a role in the coloration, generally, there are the following color choices:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue-Green
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Dark Grey
  • Light Grey

White & Black Marble Kitchens – The Popular Choice

Although there are numerous colors of marble to choose from, some of the most popular have a white or black background. Such classic Italian marble as Statuario Vagli and Calacatta Gold are excellent choices when selecting a marble slab color. Both colors have rich veins with a creamy white background. Marbles that feature white or black as the central color are both elegant and distinctive while remaining classic and functional. You can check out our kitchen visualizer to mix and match colors to find your ideal fit.

Slab Selection – Finding The Right Size And Scale

Since every slab of stone is different you must take careful precision when choosing the right slab to fit your interior design. Selecting larger slabs for oversized areas such as a marble kitchen island is important so that you can potentially cover the area with one slab. However, if one slab is not large enough, with the right slab design, we can book-match two pieces together, lining up and blending in the seams. We have extensive experience in book-matching marble slabs as well as cutting your marble block selections to fit any space you need.

Marble Finishes – Polished vs. Matte

With recent technology, there are several new ways to finish your stone that include different polishing and brushing techniques. The two most popular finishes are polished, which gives a shiny, glossy look, and honed which appears matte. Each finishing style has its own unique look and choosing one will be up to the personal preference of the customer (and if it’s available in the stone you’ve selected). For some marble countertops in kitchens, customers prefer a honed look since it shows less etching than that of a polished finish. Sealing your marble on a yearly basis will help against most etching and other normal usage issues.

One last amazing marble characteristic is that you can have a professional sand marble down and polish it again to remove any stains or imperfections that may have happened in your home.

Marble Uses – Beyond The Bathroom And Kitchen

Our team has decades of experience installing marble all throughout a home or place of business. We believe that using marble to complete the perfect design for your home isn’t just limited to kitchen and bathroom countertops. There are many uses for this timeless natural stone including waterfall islands, flooring, wall accents, backsplashes, fireplace hearths, stairways, and other residential and commercial applications.

Contact us to help you choose your design, pick a marble slab/s, and select your perfect finishing style, including edge detail. Whether you prefer a simple eased edge or a bullnose edge, we will give you all the pros and cons so you can make an educated decision for your household marble wants and needs.

Marble—a gift from nature that is both stunning and luxurious.

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